Civil Litigation

David A. Rutter gained extensive experience working for the courts in all types of civil cases from relatively simple breach of contract cases to complex civil litigation. His involvement ranged from the initial pleadings stage to the litigation process including the trial. As a law clerk, David analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of each sides case per the law. As a private practitioner, David now uses these skills to support his clients' positions with solid written and oral legal arguments for all types of civil cases.

Rutter Family Law has experience dealing with both commercial and personal contracts. David A. Rutter has worked on many contract cases and thoroughly understands the ins and outs of contract law. Contract law can deviate from what a layperson would expect or deem common sense and reasonable. Such deviations are why it is important to have legal counsel to represent you in any contract case.

David is able to effectively evaluate a case and find the best strategic options to enforce a contract or to avoid the enforcement of a contract. He can also assist you in preparing a contract or reviewing a contract that you are being asked to sign.

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