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Your family deserves to be treated with respect and compassion. Family law issues are often complex and require special handling. At Rutter Family Law LLC, we understand the varied needs of families throughout Kane County involved in legal disputes. We respond to your legal needs with consistency, empathy & stability. We can help you navigate the challenges of the family law issues you are facing.

Rutter Family Law LLC. consistently provides a positive client experience, even in the midst of challenging circumstances. Our family law practice strives for a commitment to securing workable solutions that reflect the best interests of our clients. Rutter Family Law LLC. handles the following family law matters throughout Kane County:

Divorce – Using skillful negotiation, we help clients through the marriage dissolution process as smoothly as possible. We also have the experience and resources to litigate to achieve the best possible outcome.

Divorce Issues – From child custody and child support to property valuation and post-decree modifications, our attorneys have extensive experience handling multiple issues that stem from divorce.

Division of Property -- In Illinois, marital property is not divided evenly 50/50 between the two spouses. This is because Illinois is what's known as an “equitable division” state. This means the court tries to divide marital property fairly between the two parties.

Prenuptial Agreements – If you need help creating an agreement that preserves the wishes of both parties before, during and at the conclusion of a marriage, we can help.

Civil Unions – We can help you establish your union and handle any issues that may impact your life together. In Illinois, civil unions may be formed and dissolved, much like traditional marriage.

Domestic Violence – We are experienced with filing restraining orders and preliminary injunctions. We also handle any action that protects an individual from abuse in all of its forms.

Child Custody -- We understand how important your children are to you and your right to raise your children and participate in their lives and we zealously advocate to protect your parental rights.  We want to provide the best living arrangement possible for your children. When possible, we encourage parents to reach an agreement on child custody through negotiation or mediation.

Parentage Issues – We offer legal support for establishing paternity and guide clients through resulting family law issues such as child support, custody &  visitation.

Adoption – We provide legal services to help adoptive parents comply with Illinois laws in regards to parentage and parent’s rights. We handle adoptions for related and unrelated individuals.

Guardianship – We offer legal services in both establishing and reasserting guardianship over minor children or dependent adults. If you need help with initiating or terminating such guardianships over those that are unable to take care of themselves we can help.

Pet Custody -- While couples may think of their pets as their children or family members, the law has consistently treated pets as mere chattel and property.  It is important to know your rights to pet custody when there is a separation whether it be a part of divorce or with an unmarried couple.

Grandparents’ Visitation Rights -- In Illinois, grandparents do have a right to seek visitation with their grandchildren. Depending on the circumstances of a specific case, grandparents could even be awarded custody of their grandchild.

Mediation Divorce -- Mediation is an increasingly popular form of alternative dispute resolution that allows parties to work out their disputes in a cooperative rather than a combative setting.  Rutter Family Law LLC provides mediation services.

Collaborative Divorce -- Collaborative divorce offers an alternative to divorce litigation that allows the parties to work together outside of the court process to determine their own terms for a divorce.  Rutter Family Law LLC has experience and extensive training in handling a collaborative divorce.

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