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There are times when a person may be unable to oversee their personal affairs or finances. Whether this is due to disability, increasing age, injury, disease or some other cause.  It may become necessary to seek the court appointment of a guardian and conservator for that person.

If a person becomes incapacitated or severely disabled, they will need someone to take care of them and their finances. If this happens and they have not created a living will with health directives or have a durable power of attorney already drawn up, it may be necessary for the court to appoint a guardian who will make arrangements regarding their finances and medical decisions with their best interests in mind.  Even if the chances are good that they will recover, the guardian or conservator can keep their bills paid, manage your properties, as well as attending to their personal needs.

What are the Legal Responsibilities of a Guardian or Conservator? 

The amount of power a guardian or conservator has will depend on the court order and the mental and physical capabilities of the conservatee. If you are a guardian or conservator, Rutter Family Law LLC can talk with you about the following tasks:

  • Making sure they are available to take care of the conservatee
  • Deciding financial matters for the conservatee
  • Deciding medical matters for the conservatee
  • Taking care of the most basic of services including food, shelter, and clothing, making sure prescribed medications are taken and refilled when necessary; taking conservatee to medical appointments
  • The guardian or conservator is required to submit reports periodically to the court concerning the condition of the conservatee. These reports need to include updates on the conservatee’s health and well being, living arrangements, services rendered by the conservator, an accounting of the conservatee’s money, and anything else the court may deem necessary to evaluate the status of the conservatee and how the conservator is performing their duties.

If it is necessary to select a guardian for a family member who is incapacitated and unable to care for themselves, and they do not possess any of the above documents, Rutter Family Law LLC can help create the documentation necessary to apply for conservatorship or guardianship and make sure the best interests of your loved one are respected.

Help A Child In Need By Establishing Guardianship

Guardianships provide legal authority to protect those we love in situations where no such authority exists by default. When a parent can no longer care for their child, a guardianship can give a person the authority to make important decisions for a child under the age of 18.

Establishing Guardianship For Minor Children

Children need capable, caring adults in their lives, and these adults need to have legal authority to manage the children’s lives. If you are currently taking care of a child who is not your son or daughter, establishing a guardianship can provide you with this essential legal authority. As a permanent legal guardian, you will be able to make necessary and important decisions in the child’s life such as:

  • Enroll the child in school
  • Obtaining special education services
  • Bringing the child to the doctor
  • Consenting to medical care on behalf of the child
  • Seeking public benefits
  • Adhering to court orders involving the child

Other types of guardianships that may be available to you, each with differing levels of responsibility, include becoming a guardian, a standby guardian or a short-term guardian. Contact Rutter Family Law LLC at (630) 940-9107 to see which option is right for you and the child you love.

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