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Although most people would agree that current documents regarding one's estate are important, millions of Americans have never made a will. Millions more have wills that are out of date. Some people feel they have no assets to protect, while others believe a will is too expensive. Still others find death and disability to be uncomfortable topics. If a person dies without a comprehensive estate plan, the government will make important decisions about how minor children are raised and how property is distributed.

At Rutter Family Law LLC, we prepare a wide range of testamentary documents for families throughout Kane County. These documents give you peace of mind and help you make important end-of-life decisions based on sound legal advice from an experienced attorney.

Preparing & Executing a Will

A will gives you almost total control of the disposition of your estate. To be legally enforceable, a will must meet rigid requirements pertaining to the formatting & implementation.  A will can be changed at almost any time by a subsequent writing. However, to avoid confusion and later litigation, it may be a good idea to physically destroy any prior wills and compose a new will from scratch. Many people also opt for a medical power of attorney and a power of attorney for property as part of their estate plan.

Preparing Wills, Living Wills & Other Estate Planning Needs

Wills, living wills and other estate planning documents allow individuals to record their final wishes regarding health care and asset distribution in a legally enforceable manner. These are basic documents that every person should have, regardless of the size of his or her estate.

Unlike traditional wills, living wills provide instructions during a person's lifetime. Living wills provide clear instructions regarding life support in the event of a tragic injury or illness. They are often used in conjunction with healthcare powers of attorney, which provide legal authority to a trusted individual to make other important health care decisions in the event that someone becomes unable to make these decisions alone.

Contesting A Will

Do you believe a family member forced your elderly parent to change his or her will? Are you concerned because you did not receive the inheritance you were told to expect? Rutter Family Law LLC represents clients seeking to contest a will for various reasons. They will assert their interests in probate court and help ensure that they receive all that they are entitled to under the terms of the law.  A will contest is an effective way of questioning suspicious provisions or heir eliminations. It can also help establish the validity of the will itself. However, there must be reasonable grounds to do so. Some valid reasons to contest a will include:

  • The will was altered or created when the deceased family member was ill or under duress
  • A family member forced or tricked the deceased into executing a codicil (modification of an earlier will) or entirely new will

Rutter Family Law LLC will thoroughly review the situation and the document in order to determine the actual intent of the will creator. With experience in probate law, we will effectively protect your interests and those of the will's creator in court.

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